Why is labelling so important?

Do you realize that as a consumer, your buying decision is actually influenced by the labelling you see on a product?

Labelling has always been crucial for a product; its design and  product information play a big role in its sales, something that is is not frequently considered. Advertising agencies and firms spend a lot of money on the advertising and promotion of products, often ignoring labelling details, which is one of the main reasons why the sales of a product may slump or never pick up.

When you are out on your weekly shopping and you are ready to select items at a store – what do you notice first, when you pick your favourite strawberry tart? Your attention is drawn to the label at first, you check out the image, the date of packaging and perhaps the nutrition details as well. Once satisfied with everything that is visible, the product gets added to your shopping cart.

Labelling plays an important role in influencing the sales of a product. We can also say that consumer decision is very dependent on the labelling details.


  • Knowing All About The Product:

Would you buy any new product before getting all the specific information on the contents? Labels are important because they thoroughly describe the product and help in specifying the content details, especially in the case of food products, when those details are of extreme importance. When you are buying any food or even an electronic product, you definitely need to know the main ingredients, the usage of the product, what warnings there may be, and how to take care of such a product. When a customer finds all the information about a product available, buying gets easier – thus, packaging information plays an important role in the sales of a product.


  • Brand Association:

Labelling or packaging helps in creating a brand image in the mind of the buyer. When a buyer visits a supermarket, he/she comes across hundreds of products displayed on the racks and shelves, all calling for attention. With good, attractive packaging and labelling, it is quite easy to identify any product. The task of searching for any product gets easier with specific packaging details and labels, even when it is in a heap of branded products.

  • Helps In Grading:

Good labelling helps in grading a product. Whenever a product has different types of qualities, its labelling helps in finding which kind of package contains what type of product. For examples, tea packages might look all the same but once you read the label, you realize that there might be different varieties of tea which include green, yellow, and black tea. How would you know if special herbs are added to the tea leaves, if you do not check the label? Once consumers know every detail, it is easier for them to buy a specific product based on the label.

  • Better Promotion Of Products:

Labelling helps in sales promotion and attracts the interests of the buyers, which leads to sales. There are several times when buyers are encouraged to purchase a product, mainly because they are attracted towards the label. These days labelling is said to be an effective sales promoting tool, which silently helps in building customer loyalty and brand image.