Many cleaning and self care products take the form of foam once dispensed from the bottle. We are talking about things like furniture cleaners, face scrubs, and soap for children. Whether it is for the aesthetic appeal of the foam, or whether it is because the foam best activates the product’s ingredients, foam is ever appealing. Because of this, foamer bottles have become a mainstay in many industries. To learn a bit more about the foamer bottle, read on.


In most cases, foam bottles will be made of plastic. This makes them not much different from other bottles, except for the fact that they are purpose designed to connect with the foamer pump, the device that transforms the liquid to foam. This modification on the dispenser of liquid cleaners, face scrubs, and soaps is what really makes this type of packaging attractive and exciting. It gives the product a feeling of alchemy, when the liquid in the bottle is changed into a fluffy dollop of foam with just a squirt.

Another advantage to the foam bottle is that no cartridges or chemicals are used in transforming the liquid into foam. It is merely a matter of the engineering of the foamer bottle’s dispenser, the foamer pump. This device is designed with amazing precision to allow a certain ratio of air into the liquid as it is pumped through the dispenser. Once the air and liquid meet and mix together in the foamer chamber, they create the foamy result that will be deposited on one’s palm or on any surface you so desire.  

It’s important to remember that the foamer bottle is typically not interchangeable with regular non-foaming pumps. The foamer bottle differs from other bottles in that it has a wide neck, and a specific finish that accommodates the foaming device. Research has determined that this is the ideal shape to allow for the foaming pump to work its magic.


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