Essential oils are increasingly being used in all sort of products, not to mention on their own. From aromatherapy candles to bath oils and room fresheners, essential oils are an ‘essential’ ingredient. Their popularity is in part due to DIY producers and small manufacturers who offer an alternative to industrial products that may use artificial, chemical scents in their products. If you use essential oils, for whatever reason, read on to discover important information when it comes to storing your essential oils.

Foremost, it is crucial that essential oils bought in small quantities or in bulk should be stored in aluminum or glass containers. This is because the essential oils are actually quite delicate, and can be easily affected by the material of the container they are held in. For instance, should you use a plastic container, the result will be that the molecules of the plastic may transfer from the container into the oil, thus contaminating the oil. And when thinking about essential oil, it is qualities like purity, naturalness, and wholesomeness that people are looking for. Glass and aluminum, on the other hand, maintain their molecular integrity when they come in contact with oil, and thus pose no danger of contaminating the product.

While the above may be true of essential oils, it should be noted that once diluted in certain products, that product can safely be stored in plastic. We are thinking of goods like personal care products. Items like skin moisturizers, skin toners, bath and shower gels, and soaps may contain essential oils but may also benefit from being packaged in certain types of plastic bottles or tubes, depending on that product’s individual needs.

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