Late autumn is when so many of the year’s major holidays begin to roll around. Events like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and for Americans, Thanksgiving, which takes place on the third thursday of each November. The day after Thanksgiving officially opens the holiday shopping season, and is known as ‘Black Friday’. As an international company, we acknowledge the day, and have special things planned. Read on to discover more about Black Friday, and what it means to you as a customer at All In Packaging.

Black Friday is the name for the day when retailers try to get as many shoppers in their stores as possible, and do so by offering steep discounts. They do this to grab as much of the holiday shopping market as possible, as fast as possible, but also to acquaint new customers with their stores and get them in the habit of coming in. The day after Thanksgiving is ideal for the promotion, because many US state governments and companies give their employees the day after thanksgiving off, which means the ‘Friday’ may extend into the weekend.


Black Friday gets its name because retailers refer to it as the day of the year when their business goes from being ‘in the red’ to ‘in the black’, meaning when they turn a profit. The term dates back to 1961, when only Philadelphia retailers used it, though now Black Friday is known world-wide, in part due to viral videos of shoppers battling over toys and electronics. In some places, shoppers have taken to camping out the night before in hopes of getting their shot at the great deals on offer. The mania for scoring deeply discounted goods can be so intense that there have even been deaths reported in the rush.
But you needn’t worry about all that, as there will be no on-line stampede or fisticuffs if you want deep discounts on our products at All In Packaging. On the day of Black Friday, November 24, we will be offering discounts of 20 percent, and in some cases, 40 percent. This means you need not rise early, or bring your boxing gloves to enjoy all the savings the day was designed for. That said, you would do well to stop by our All In Packaging web shop and stake out your desired purchases, as no doubt the demand will be high. We’ll leave the light on.