Packaging caps are one of those things we rarely pay attention to and usually throw away when the main packaging material is no longer of use to us. But did you know that these caps are highly useful and can be used for a number of purposes, if you know how to use the caps? They can be used for home décor and many other purposes, depending on how creative and imaginative you can be. 

The next time you have packaging caps, do not head straight to the dustbin to dispose of them. You can innovatively reuse them for a number of purposes, which is going to help you in some amazing ways. If you have a number of these caps at home and you are wondering what to do with these caps, here are some best ways of using them.

Many people have a good habit of saving plastic caps so that they can use them later on. In case your packaging bottle is damaged and its cap doesn’t properly fit the bottle, you can use your saved packaging caps for that purpose. There are several food packages, including certain bottles, which need airtight caps, in the absence of which the food or the drink gets contaminated and is often spoiled. Do not let this happen, if your cap doesn’t fit properly. Save packaging caps of all those containers which you do not need, so that you can use them again in times of emergency.

Those who are innovative, creative and love crafts can use packaging or bottle caps for a number of purposes. Instead of throwing the caps in the recycle bin, you can easily use them for decorating your home, your garden, or even for the purpose of packaging your homemade gifts. Here are some quick ideas which might help you in packaging caps.

How about making a lovely creative soap dish with a stack of bottle caps? Soap dishes look trendy and unique when made of caps. The bars of soap are definitely going to last for a long time when you make them using bottle caps. You simply need to join these caps together and give them the shape you need. You can prepare a number of soap cases of plastic or steel caps and use these packaging caps in different ways.

Do you have kids at home? If it is summer and you are looking for a new summer project for your children, these packaging caps are going to help you. Did you know you can turn these caps into beautiful fridge magnets? Engage your kids in painting the caps and then prepare fridge magnets using the caps. You can craft many of these interesting fridge magnets and use them whenever you feel like it.

Spinning tops are cute little toys which can be made from packaging caps. These toys are especially helpful for children with special needs who find fun in spinning and rolling things. You can prepare these spinning toys in packages and use them as gift items for kids, when they come for birthday parties or other celebrations.