How does it feel to keep unfolding layers of product packaging, when you are quite aware that your product is not as fragile as it is made out to be?

Excessive packaging is a dangerous thing. It is not good for your product or your company; your customers will feel annoyed too, when they need to manage so much extra packaging material. To add to the woes of many buyers, there are several packages which are difficult to open and sometimes the process of unpacking also becomes dangerous. It has been reported multiple times that customers in their rage to unwrap the packaging, roughly rushed through the packaging, which actually damaged the product. This means customers believed that the seller had sent a damaged product while the seller was also unhappy to replace the product, knowing well that the product was in perfect shape when delivered. This whole situation creates bitterness and ill-feeling, which certainly does not do any good.

What is the solution in these cases? The only solution is to stay away from unwanted and excessive packaging that is not going to do any good. It is also waste, an environmental hazard, and increases costs of packaging as well as shipping – what is the need of such an excess of packaging?

Wrap Rage

Packaging companies carefully observe consumer behaviour, and based on the preferences of consumers, a lot of decisions are taken. ‘Wrap rage’ is a concept which manufacturers need to be aware of, if they do not wish to lose their buyers. This refers to people’s frustration when they face a situation of spending hours unwrapping packaging. At times, the packaging is so complex that it seems totally impenetrable. This is what overly frustrates buyers to the point that they feel like buying some other product the next time.

A recent study has revealed that 90% of people have experienced this kind of rage when they had to spend hours unwrapping a product. In such a frustration, it happened that the buyers injured themselves in the process or damaged the product. The result is people will stay away from the product, in the fear of damaging the product, if they choose to buy it again.

Why You Need To Avoid Excessive Packaging

As explained earlier, excessive packaging can be dangerous for your product, and you can end up losing customers. Unwanted packaging has several dangerous effects, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It increases the cost of shipping, which means the buyers have to pay more. Companies which are facing a sales decline should necessarily cut down their packaging costs, which will help in reducing prices.
  • It is not good for the environment, as it will increase environmental waste.
  • Customers feel frustrated and often annoyed when they spend a lot of time unwrapping their products, especially when they are aware that so much packaging is actually not necessary.

The main purpose of packaging is protection of the product which is packaged. Though, the customer’s purchase decision is very dependent on how attractive a product looks, which is the main reason why sellers choose to be innovative with packaging. However, this does not mean that packaging should be excessive or much more packaged than what is required. Anything which is excess is not valued and this perfectly applies to the case of packaging material too.