Food containers and trays are readily available in the market, but are they are all safe? How will a buyer ensure the safety of these food containers and trays, keeping in mind the health of their family members?

There are a few things which need to be assured when you choose food containers, which will ensure that the container is safe to be used for the purpose of storing food.

Buying Microwave Safe Containers:

These days, there is a huge demand for food containers which are microwave safe. You can buy them in different shapes, and sizes depending on what you wish to prepare. There are different containers for preparing cakes, pizzas, chicken, roasts, and more. When buying microwave safe containers, you need to ensure that these are of the best quality and safe for use in the oven. Containers and trays need to withstand high temperatures during cooking and if they are not microwave safe, the container will not just get damaged, it will also cause immense harm to your health. Before you use any container or tray in the microwave, you need to look for the ‘microwave safe’ sign. These containers will have a sign on their bottom which will ensure that they are safe to be used in the microwave.

Look For BPA–Free Sign:

This is also a good indication that the food tray or container is safe to be used and is not going to be detrimental to your health. You need to look for the BPA-free sign in the container. Plastic food trays and containers are not always safe to be used and can pose a big risk, if they are of poor quality. This is one of the reasons many countries prohibit their use. You need to look for the BPA-free sign, which will be an assurance that the container is safe for use. If there is no sign, you should never use the container, because this  means that the product is definitely not meant to be used for food storage.

Check The Sign Of Plastic Recycling:

You need to check for the plastic recycling triangle sign located at the container’s bottom. You need to check the label, which should be ideally numbered between 2, 4, and 5, which means it is completely safe to be used.

Airtight Containers:

Airtight containers are often used for storing food, especially cookies, which need to maintain their crunchiness. Your container needs to be airtight and therefor you need to have a look at the lid of the container. The lid needs to have a silicon gasket in the inside section or it should be able to be pressed in. If you are buying an airtight container, you need to check carefully that the container is actually airtight and that the air doesn’t seep into the container. If you buy a container which is supposed to be airtight and is actually not, it is definitely not going to help your purpose.

Also, when you are reusing food containers, you need to be very careful to ensure that the containers are clean, fresh, and easy to use. After usage, you need to clean the containers in lukewarm water, which will help in removing anything which can be detrimental to health.