We all are aware that glass products are highly fragile and need to be handled with care. Transporting glass products from one place to another is one of the most difficult tasks. When these products are transported they need special kinds of packaging, so that they are not damaged during transport.

Here are some quick tips to handle glass products.

  • Moving Containers – There are special medium and regular size cardboard boxes which are often used in packaging glass products. These special containers or cardboard boxes are made using special material, which helps in absorbing various kinds of shocks that happen during transportation. These containers offer great support during transportation and help in keeping the boxes protected from breakage.
  • Placing Too Many Products In One Place – Do not place too many glass products in one place. If you are packaging glass products like containers, jars, bottles, and more, you should not place all of them in one spot. If too many glass products are packaged in a basket, for instance, they might bang up against each other, which will cause them to crack and cause damage.
  • Bubble Wrap – This is a special kind of packaging material that is filled with air. Bubble wrap offers great support to the product. If the glassware hits against the bubble wrap, the product stays supported and is not damaged.
  • Know The Route – When you are planning to transport glass products, you need to know the route well.  You need to check all door heights when you are moving and ensure that the entire path is clear of all debris. You can map out turns and also lay out wooden blocks so that the glass does not touch the ground, because this may cause damage to the product.
  • Move Methodically – You need to move all glass products in a methodical way. You need to plan moving the products, where the route will offer the least resistance. This will help in preventing any kind of sudden breakage situation.
  • Using Proper Carrying Technique – Glass is not able to carry its own weight. Thus, you need to carry glass upright and on its edge, just as you would typically carry plywood or drywood. In case the glass is heavy, you can use one suction cup with the help of your lower hand. You can also use special gloves to move glass from one place to another so that the glass products do not slip from your hands.
  • Wrap Products Well – Wrapping glass products like bottles, containers, and jars with newspapers or any foamy material helps in securing the products. You need to tightly wrap each glass or bowl well, so that all corners are well covered. If any corner is exposed it may cause damage or breakage of the glass.

Glass products are the best forms of packaging and the most recommended packaging material around the world. They are especially suitable for packaging food products since glass is non-permeable and does not pass on chemicals to the food.