If you are trying to improve the brand image of your company, there are several packaging strategies that can be followed. If the sales or revenue of your product is falling fast and you are unable to do anything about it, then your packaging strategy may need to be improved.

Packaging strategies are developed after considering a number of factors. These include your budget, your target audience, the kind of packaging you need, and the nature of product that needs to  be packaged. Packaging strategies that are aimed at improving the brand image of a product are usually cost effective ways to improve the sales of a product.

Consider The Target Audience – Colour Choice is Important

If you are packaging for women who are fond of fashion and style, are classy and elegant, and prefer luxurious packaging, colour choice is quite important. Brand image improves with the right kind of colour combination. Perfume packaging sales is very dependent on the choice of the package colour. Light colours are often selected if your target audience is an elite class who prefer light-coloured accessories and clothing.

Innovation Is the Key to Success

Innovation is quite important when you are trying to improve the brand image of a product. No one likes products which are copied or similar in nature. If you are trying to improve the brand image of a product, you need to offer something that is unique for your customers. When we buy products in the store, we look for anything that is different. We prefer something which we have never seen before. This helps in improving the credibility of the brand and builds recognition. Innovation in packaging is about stylish design, using unique colour combinations, and great functionality.

Recent Trends

Packaging strategies should be formulated as per recent trends. You need to consider the trending packaging styles and designs when you are considering packaging for your products. Innovative or creative trends help in improving the brand image of a product, as people start recognizing a product as per the styles and designs which are introduced. Trendy packages are often in demand, as everyone wants to use the latest functionality and stylish products.


Adding great functionality in a product helps in improving the usefulness of a package. Functionality adds to its convenience and helps in using the product in a better way. There are a few features which help in improving the longevity of the product which includes shielding the product from shock, from reducing damage caused due to shock, vibration, friction, impact, and snagging.


Any good product packaging is one which conveys all necessary information to buyers. This includes the common features of product, information related to different ingredients, weight-related information about the products, and also the address of manufacturer. In the case of certain food products, information on preparation, serving ideas, various nutritional benefits, date of expiry, and various warning signs are needed. This helps in building the reputation of the brand and its reliability in the minds of the customers.