Christmas trees: their selection, their decoration, their lighting, and their very presence represent the warmth and cheer of the holiday season. A christmas tree is a place for friends and family to gather around for singing, gift giving, or just sharing moments together. This year, why not set your tree apart with a stand that can be made of and decorated with re-purposed plastics? We are here with a few tips on having a very DIY Christmas. Read on to discover how.

Christmas decoration at home

You know those plastic buckets that in the autumn worked so well as containers for pickles and for condiments you may have used at parties for sporting events? Well, now you can extend their use into winter by turning them into christmas tree stands.

First, weigh down the base of a well cleaned bucket with rocks for stability. (Foremost, this idea is for smaller trees, and may not be appropriate for large ones.) Saw an inch off the bottom of the tree trunk to allow water to feed the still living tree and keep the needles from drying up and falling off. Then fill the bucket with a few pints of water, making sure the bottom of the trunk will always stay submerged. Add more stones until the tree is able to stand on its own. Be sure the tree is totally stable before attempting to decorate.

Speaking of decorations, we hope you remember our post last week about making Christmas decorations from plastic bottles. This would be a great place to show off your handiwork. But why stop there? You have proved you are creative, so why not make snowflakes or stars from bottle caps, and mini bottle caps? After decorating your plastic bucket stand, it’s time to decorate the tree.
Can you think of other products that can be repurposed into Christmas decorations? We are thinking of things like candle holders from glass jars, and tree ornaments from jar lids. Let us know, as we are always on the lookout for ways to reuse products from our sortiment, assist those customers who are into DIY crafts, and keep waste out of the environment. And if you run out of things like 1000 ml plastic buckets, plastic bottles, and bottle caps, just stop by our webshop, where we can help you with all that and more, at any time of the year.