There is no question that the consumers of the world are trending towards smaller and more compact goods. Just look at your phone. What was once a large bulky piece of plastic and wire, is now sleek, and skinny enough to store in your back pocket. But it’s not just electronics: cars are becoming smaller and more economical, and even the way we dress is more casual and streamlined. It’s not just about a minimalist aesthetic: less material can mean lower costs. In line with modern trends, it should be no surprise that containers and packaging are following suit.

kertészetWe have noticed an increased demand here at All In Packaging for more compact, smaller, and lighter products. Things like caps, trigger sprayers, bottles, and pumps are all now less bulky than they were in the past. This is possible due to advances in plastics production technology, which allow for sturdy, reliable yet lightweight plastic products. Less material means the cost of production may be less, and for sure a lighter weight will reduce delivery cost, all of which gets passed on to the consumer.

But there are potential disadvantages as well. Smaller, lighter components means they are potentially more breakable. For this reason, quality control has become crucial when dealing with manufacturers of plastic products. Quality cannot be sacrificed at the expense of size. Due to this, we at Nordtek maintain a strong relationship with our Nordtek Chinese office, where quality control is an ever-important task. Having such a facility allows us to be personally vigilant over the kinds of goods sold through our sites. With so many plastic products being manufactured at every level of quality, it is crucial to have experts overseeing what is allowed into our portfolio.

The trend towards smaller, less expensive packaging shows no sign of slowing. The result is that you will continue to see smaller, lighter, and more cost efficient products available. That said, quality will be constantly scrutinized at the source. That’s what you have come to expect of Nordtek, and that’s what we will continue to deliver.