Most families have boxes of Christmas decorations stored away in the attic or garage, ready to be pulled out in the early December weeks to use around the home and on the Christmas tree. But occasionally these decorations and ornaments need some refreshing. This year, why not put some of those plastic bottles you’ve accumulated from holiday celebrations to good use and recraft them into Christmas decorations? Sounds great, right? But how? Read on to learn all you need to know about the gift of making your Christmas decorations from reused plastic bottles.

Christmas decor

Many people around the world are bucking the trend of Christmas commercialization. But they still want to participate, just in their own way, which may include crafting DIY gifts and DIY decorations. Making your own decorations isn’t just fun, it’s good for the planet, because it reuses plastics that might otherwise go in a landfill.

To make some festive decorations for your home, you are going to need an X-Acto or sharp pocket knife, some white and blue paint and a brush, suction wall hooks, glue, and of course some litre plastic bottles. Begin by carefully cutting the bottom from the bottle with the knife. Paint that cut off bottom white, and let dry. Notice that the creases at the bottom of the bottle radiate out? Paint those creases blue and paint in some crystals on to make it look like a snowflake! Or you can invert the color scheme and paint the entire bottom blue, and then fill in the indentures with white. After the paint dries, take the suction wall hooks from the pack. Remove the hook from the suction, and glue the suction to the inside of your decorations. Set aside and let the glue dry, before sticking your colorful decorative snowflakes on the fridge, on the wall or bathroom mirror, or kitchen cabinets. Such decorations can be reused next year as well!

For a visual demonstration of how this works, search YouTube for ‘Plastic Bottles Decorations for Christmas.’ And if you have any other bright ideas to liven up your Christmas decorating with reused containers, just let us know at All In Packaging, where we are wishing you and yours Happy Holidays.