It’s impossible not to notice that Christmas and Hanukkah are on the way, as are other holidays celebrated by the many religions and nations of the world. Around this time of year, smart companies of all sizes begin offering special holiday promotions in order to capitalize on the shopping season. One way some do this is by dedicating energy to creating special holiday limited editions of their products. This is a good idea for so many reasons. Keep reading to discover why.Label

It doesn’t matter if your product is shampoo, cosmetics, moisturizer, or even something like a household cleaning detergent, you can increase your profile and attract new customers with limited editions of your product, even if it is only with seasonal packaging. Just like almost anything edible comes in ‘pumpkin spice’ flavor in the fall, Christmas brings out limited editions of products that reflect the cold yet festive season. Companies like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have had enormous success with seasonal limited edition goods, the appearance of which some consumers look forward to all year.

We are not just talking about the product itself, but the packaging can also have holiday decorations that reflect the season. It’s not just the huge corporations that are getting in on the action. If you are a DIY or small batch manufacturer, you needn’t worry that your limited edition order is too small for us to handle, when it comes to packaging. We are proficient at small-scale orders. And, as a hybrid supplier, we can also help with custom label and packaging design, as well as printing. As always, we offer such diverse printing methods of UV, silk screen, and tampo printing.

Limited holiday editions raise the profile of your company, because they create an aura of exclusivity and desirability around your product. A limited edition also makes your product an ideal gift, as it is already holiday appropriate. Moreover, such limited editions show you care enough to connect with customers over important events like holidays.
Limited edition holiday products and packaging take some extra effort, but pay off in many ways. This holiday season, bring the cheer with pleasing, festive decorations on your limited edition products. As always, we will be your enthusiastic Santa’s helpers in all your packaging needs. Stop by our All In Packaging site and see all we have on offer.