In our quest to be an all-around supplier to cosmetics makers large and small, we offer not just the quality packaging you have come to expect from us, but also are rolling out implements used in cosmetics making as well as a broad array of ingredients frequently found in home-made and small batch cosmetics. In this post we will be looking at cocoa butter, something that is essential in certain creams and lotions.tmp_8V1xGh

Everybody is familiar with the attractive, luxurious aroma of cocoa butter. In addition to smelling nice (and making you smell nice) it also has restorative and protective properties. This is why it is such an ideal ingredient in so many cosmetics. In certain cases, cocoa butter is a cosmetic itself, when it is rubbed on dry skin as a moisturizer. It is also known to heal chapped lips, prevent signs of aging, sooth rashes and burns, as well as having lesser known uses such as being a substitute for shaving cream, and boosting a person’s immune system. Cocoa butter is one of those unheralded miracle products. Did we also mention it’s edible?

In terms of cosmetics, cocoa butter is a natural choice for DIY makers, as it is healthful and easy to work with. It is a perfect choice when making skin care products like lotions and moisturizers. When mixed with other ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil, almond and lavender oil, you will get a gentle, fragrant moisturizer. A slight variation will leave you with a conditioner for your scalp.  

Other home cosmetics makers are experimenting with cocoa butter as an ingredient in the bath. That’s right! They have discovered it works when melted down, combined with other essential oils, and mixed with warm bath water for a fragrant bath that won’t dry out the skin the way hot water tends to. A further benefit of the cocoa butter bath is that its aroma is known to be stress reducing. How could something that smells as good as cocoa butter not be?  

If you are looking for cocoa butter as a raw ingredient, a good place to start would be the All In Packaging webshop. Our bags filled with 100g of pastile cocoa butter are just right for so many uses.