Coconut oil is one of those age-old cosmetic ingredients that, despite having been around for so long, is only recently becoming known worldwide for its miraculous curative qualities. Used as an ingredient in cosmetics and on its own, coconut oil has never been more popular with DIY cosmetics makers. Read on to find out why, and to learn about the wonderful coconut oil we have on offer here at All In Packaging.cosmetic ingredients

Just what makes coconut oil so prized for skin and hair care? For starters, it is a substance that naturally moisturizes. This means it can protect skin and hair from drying out, and thus slows the aging process. All the while, its naturally sweet smell leaves behind a pleasing, chemical-free aroma. Did we mention you can also cook with it? That means that if you leave some coconut oil in the kitchen, you can cook, then moisturize your hands after doing the dishes with the same substance.

In cosmetics, in addition to moisturizing, coconut oil adds a natural glow to skin. For this reason, it is used to help bring out face’s natural beauty. This is because it keeps skin healthy as it hi-lites the user’s best features. But of course it is not just for women who use cosmetics. Coconut oil is also prized as a natural, inexpensive shaving cream for men.

Coconut oil also contains natural anti-fungal agents. As it cleans and moisturizes, it exfoliates and washes away invasive fungus that can grow on feet and in nails. For these reasons, it is also good in body scrubs. Why spend all that money on expensive body scrubs made by luxury brands when you can make your own using coconut oil along with a few other ingredients like brown sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and other essential oils? Finally, coconut oil is wonderful as a lubricant for massages. It naturally rubs into the skin, and smells attractive all the while.

Of course we also offer our customers the top quality coconut oil that is so popular with DIY cosmetics and skin-care makers. Our unrefined coconut oil comes in 150ml BIO, VCO, and is delivered in a plastic jar for convenient use. For more information, click through to see our coconut oil, and so many more raw ingredients that are ideal for home use and small-scale cosmetics production. As always, you can find them round the clock at our All In Packaging web-shop.