The plastic bottle only came on the market as a product in 1947, and became popular in use for beverages in the 1960s. Because it is a relatively new type of container, there are still a lot ways designers can modify the plastic bottle in order to optimize its cost and use. One of the more recent modifications has been the smaller closure, known as the ‘mini cap’. Read on to learn about why the mini cap is gaining in popularity and why this is a good thing.oil

We are seeing smaller and smaller caps on bottles these days. This evolution of the cap has been brought about foremost by rising costs in the raw materials used to make plastics. For this reason, manufacturers are seeking out ways to use less material in their containers. This new breed of bottle cap is a bit different than what we know as a traditional plastic bottle cap which, in addition to being bigger, is also usually a screw-on cap. The mini cap, on the other hand, features a flip top. This makes it no less convenient, and may even add value, as screw-on tops are easily lost, whereas a flip top will stay attached to the bottle.

But it’s not just the cap that is changing. Increases in  the price of plastics raw material affects bottles too. For this reason, we are seeing trends towards thinner bottles. The clunky, fat plastic bottles of yesteryear are giving way to sleeker, lighter, and less expensive plastic bottles, many of which will be adorned by the mini cap.pharmaceutical

But this isn’t just good news for manufacturers and price conscious consumers, it is also better for the environment. It should be obvious, but less plastic means less waste. And it follows that less waste produced by consumers, means less waste enters the environment. That’s a winning situation for everybody.
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