The holiday season, in addition to quality family time and festivities, also means parties. Office parties, reunions, feasts, and all sorts of celebrations happen in December, not to mention New Year’s, typically the biggest party of the year. Late nights and extended celebrations can take a toll on one’s appearance, and the tale of the previous night can be told under the eyes, where late nights and excess tend to show. With that in mind, we are here with an ultra simple, extremely effective remedy for puffy, dark bags under the eyes.

tégely_simaThis simple recipe for under eye cream, derived from skin care wizards Kiehl’s, contains but two ingredients: avocado oil and Shea butter. Both these ingredients are known for their hydrating, restorative properties, and are the right consistency for cosmetics creams. So, for 30 ml of DIY under eye cream, you will need a tablespoon each of avocado oil and Shea butter. First, melt the Shea butter in a double boiler. Pour it into a bowl, and add the avocado oil. To stir it well, using a whisk will be the best solution. You’ll want to let it harden into a solid mass, a process that will be accelerated if you stick the bowl in the fridge for twenty to thirty minutes.

Once solidified, take the concoction out of the fridge, give it one more mix, and–viola!–it is ready to use on tired dark under-eye skin. As this is a treatment, not a makeup base, we recommend using it at night, or on days when makeup won’t be necessary. Simply dab a little onto the skin under your eye and gently rub in. The skin under the eye is very delicate, so do be gentle. Note that both avocado oil and Shea butter are perishable all natural ingredients, and due to this the DIY under eye cream should be stored in a cool place if you live in a warm climate to keep it fresh.
And if you are looking for a great container to store your DIY under eye cream in, can we recommend our frosted glass jars? They are the right size, and the glass is an ideal material to store natural food-based ingredients. Otherwise, have a look around or webshop to find the container best for you. And check back here for more great DIY tips.