There is no question that like every other product in the world, packaging is sometimes flawed. There is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to select just the right product, getting it home, then discovering it doesn’t work exactly as it should. Below we have detailed some of consumers’ pet peeves when it comes to packaging, and our suggestions for how to deal with them.

ac9cce855a74c71ed21584165816a43dIt doesn’t matter what kind of packaging it is: you can be sure it will annoy one consumer or another. Just picture an elderly person desperately trying to open a jar of pills, only to discover that ‘child resistant’ also sometimes means ‘adult resistant’. Or imagine being super thirsty after an intense workout only to discover the cap on the water bottle is sutured on so tight it would take Wonder Woman to  get it open. And everybody has come across a jar of spaghetti sauce or honey that simply won’t give, no matter how much muscle is involved, leaving you to try to break through the metal top with can opener or knife. Or you can’t get at that bottle of expensive hand cream because it came in protective shrink wrap that won’t come off.

Sometimes it also happens that a flawed product slips by quality control, and the device designed to extract precious body lotion or shampoo won’t work. A pump simply won’t pump, no matter how many times, or how forcefully you try it. The cap on that expensive bottle of shampoo won’t open, or a screw off cap on a jar of cream won’t properly screw back on. Such are the minor headaches of packaging that can make consumers want to pull their hair out.

But there is almost always a solution to these problems. For caps stuck on jars, running them under hot water for a few minutes usually does the trick. Shrink wrap will lose all its tension once punctured with a sharp knife tip, and pumps that are simply faulty, should be accepted back by the retailer for an exchange. In the worst case scenario, the pump top can be screwed off, and the contents squeezed out.
There is little more annoying than annoying packaging, which is why designers and manufacturers are always working to perfect packaging design, while at the same time making the product safe and secure. At All In Packaging, we feel your pain, and work with our customers when there is a problem, as per our General Terms and Conditions, found on our site. In the end, these minor hassles and annoyances can all be worked out.