It doesn’t matter who lives in an abode, whether is a family with a batch of children, or a single person with a single cat, any household is going to attract odors, be it from cooking, pets, or just generally living as humans live. And regardless of how much cleaning you do, a dog will always smell like a dog, and cooking a fish will always leave the odor of cooked fish lingering, sometimes for days. Luckily there are all-natural ways to solve this problem, in the form of essential oils, which can make your home more pleasing to live in.

essential oil

In addition to their many other uses, essential oils are a natural way to cover up odors. They are great because they can work on their own, or as an ingredient in other DIY products. If you want to use essential oil as a general room freshener, nothing could be easier. Simply stick a few reeds into a bottle of tea-tree or lemongrass oil for an instant air freshening. Designer companies call these ‘diffusers’ but really, they are just a single or combination of essential oils and perhaps some added fragrance coupled with inexpensive, porous reeds.

Another way to give your room a nice smell is to add a few drops of essential oil to a bucket of hot water, then mop the floor with the mixture. This spreads the scent over the floor, and cleans its surface at the same time. Imagine the room smelling of almond, or mint every time you mop, instead of chemical-smelling floor cleaners. Or, there are oils you can use by shaking a few drops on the light bulb of a lamp, which will diffuse the pleasing scent when the light is turned on and the oil heats up.
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