There is no question that in places with colder climates, the winter months bring harsh weather like blustery wind and dry chilly air. All this can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, particularly lips. Sales of lip balm other protective lip-care products like chapstick soar in the frigid winter months. But there are some people who choose to make their own lip balm. These DIY balm makers often rely on essential oils like jojoba oil as a reliable ingredient. In fact, jojoba has been used by Native Americans to heal damaged skin for centuries. But what makes jojoba oil great for lip balms, and how is DIY balm made? We’ve detailed all that and more in the brief article below.jojoba oil

Foremost, jojoba oil helps relieve dryness and cracking that comes from cold weather and wind. Jojoba oil is ideal for this purpose because, unlike many other lip care ingredients, jojoba oil actually works to heal the problem of damaged lips, as opposed to just soothing the symptoms. This is because jojoba contains a wealth of fatty acids, which are known to act as a hydrating agent on the skin. Secondly, jojoba serves as a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. It’s this double action that makes jojoba oil such an effective ingredient in lip balms.



Making a jojoba lip balm couldn’t be easier. In a double boiler melt two tablespoons each of cocoa butter and beeswax. Then add one tablespoon of jojoba oil and mix in. Remove from the heat and let cool a little, then add thirty or so drops of an essential oil like spearmint or sweet orange, along with an eighth of a teaspoon of healthful vitamin E. Pour the liquid into tubes for lip balm, and set aside to cool. And then, there you have it: DIY jojoba oil-based lip balm.
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