It is the time of the year to give. And around the holidays postal and delivery services go into overdrive due to all the gifts and products that are being shipped locally and internationally. This comes in the form of companies refilling dwindling supplies of goods to stores, and individuals shipping packages to friends and family. What both types of shipping have in common is their reliance on the basic cardboard box to ship goods. But why has cardboard become the go-to material, and why is the cardboard box so suited to shipping goods? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

cardboxCardboard boxes are the warhorses of the delivery world. From moving house, to shipping goods, they have been our go-to container since 1871, when the first corrugated cardboard box was developed. These days, there are literally hundreds of millions of cardboard boxes in use. This is, foremost, because cardboard is at once sturdy and lightweight. This makes it ideal for shipping almost any product that can fit in the box. And the corrugation gives the container a slight cushion, which means things like breakable glass bottles can also be shipped in cardboard boxes, if properly packed.

Moreover, the shape of the box makes it both easy to carry, and easy to stack. Both of these qualities of the box make it an ideal packaging material, because when there are multiple boxes, they can be stacked in the back of a delivery truck or van. The rectangular shape also makes them carriable by both person and forklift.

Finally, cardboard is entirely recyclable. By that, we mean 100 percent recyclable. But you needn’t bother recycling the cardboard, because boxes can be broken down into flat cardboard and stored until they are needed again. It is a type of container that can be used over and over again, and even tears that occur over time can be repaired with masking tape.
Whether you are a DIY manufacturer, large company, or individual sending Christmas gifts, you probably know by now the many advantages of using cardboard boxes to ship your goods. But did you know that we at All In Packaging are a reliable source for top quality cardboard boxes? Have a look at our boxes, which come in two convenient sizes. And stick around to browse our other containers and everything else to satisfy your packaging needs.