With the increasing commercialization of Christmas, DIY gift-making is trending big time. DIY and small batch entrepreneurs are crafting hand-made gifts for many reasons, but you can believe that foremost they enjoy giving, and giving things that have a personal touch. Some may be interested in products that only feature all natural ingredients, others may be trying to help the environment, while still others may be attracted by the lower costs of homemade gifts.

jarsIf you are a DIY cosmetics maker, no matter what your motivations, you are going to need containers for your goods, and making these at home is far trickier than making, say, a hand cream. That’s why, for ease of use, attractiveness, durability, and so many more reasons, we put forth our transparent acrylic jar as an ideal container for your DIY cosmetics and skin care products. Read on to discover why.

Foremost, you put care into your DIY products. If you are giving them as gifts, you want the entire package to look good. Our acrylic set jar is compact, looks elegant when holding a product you put so much thought into. It will look good on any home vanity or bathroom shelf. The 30 ml size is exactly right for precious home-made cosmetics. The transparent or white acrylic set jar also features a cap with a silver ring and liner.

But that’s not all. Of paramount importance is the jar’s ease of transport. While glass still reigns supreme in terms of elegance, acrylic is about half the weight of glass, making it less expensive to ship. It is also more durable than fragile glass, so safety in shipping is increased. Not to mention, it will be light and safe to carry around in a purse or travel pouch. And, finally, acrylic can be highly transparent. This means that if your DIY cosmetics or skin care products are brightly colored, or you just want people to be able to see them through the packaging, acrylic will excel at that task.
Our acrylic set jar is only one of the many containers you may want to consider for your DIY products. We have glass jars, diamond jars, square jars, and many more as well. All you have to do is spend a few minutes having a look at our All In Packaging site to familiarize yourself with all our great packaging solutions for your DIY Christmas and holiday gifts.