Christmas, Chanukah, and other winter holidays around the world typically involve feasts and festivities where family and loved ones gather to celebrate. Cookies, cakes, strudels, and all sorts of pastries and baked goods are all on the menu. But what to do with the leftovers? There is no sense in letting all those goodies go to waste. You may need a great storage solution for holiday leftover baked goods. Enter the All In Packaging Snackipack container, which was designed with the safe storage of baked goods in mind. Read on to learn about all the advantages the Snackipack container has to offer around the holidays.

Oatmeal cookies, granola cookies.

For one thing, the Snackipack’s rectangular shape makes it ideal for the storage of baked goods. Brownies, cornbread, cookies, shortbreads, and so much more fit perfectly inside. Use a piece of wax paper or cellophane in between layers, and you will find you can stack a lot of food in just one container.

Additionally, the Snacipack container is made of PET plastics, which means that it is safe for food storage. Moreover, it is also safe for cold storage. It may happen that your leftovers are in such a quantity that it makes sense to freeze some. The container is totally freezer safe. Not to mention, you can easily stick a label on it to remember what is inside. Or if you forget, you have the added advantage that the container is transparent. This means that you needn’t open it, letting in damaging air, to find out what is inside.

Speaking of air: one if its greatest advantages in storing food in the Snackipack is its lid. Because it is air that causes baked goods to go bad, the Snackipack comes with a sealable lid. Once it is on, the baked goods are sealed in and away from harmful elements.
Because holidays mean baked goods in abundance, leftovers are almost assured. Good for use in the food industry, be it for restaurants or caterers, as well as for home use, the Snackipack is a fresh idea for storing your holiday leftovers. A good place to find one, or many, would be the All In Packaging webshop.

Picture source: Envato Elements