While some New Year’s traditions seem to be universal, like fireworks, resolutions, and communal celebrations, different cultures also offer different traditions. Take, for instance, Latin America, where some of their New Year’s traditions include making twelve wishes while eating twelve grapes, each one representing the upcoming twelve months. Or, less esoterically, lighting a candle for the new year. Read on to learn about this interesting tradition, and All In Packaging’s role in supporting it.


Lighting a candle for the New Year is believed by many cultures to bring both prosperity and happiness. In Latin America, lighting a green candle will bring good health, while lighting a yellow candle will help alleviate financial difficulties. An orange candle symbolizes the acquisition of wisdom, while a blue one delivers peace, and a red one love. In parts of the United States, a Bayberry candle is lit in order to bring prosperity and good luck, a tradition that dates back to the Colonial times.

The primary component of a candle is, of course, wax. At All in Packaging, we support home and small scale candle-making by selling beeswax in 100 and 500 g sizes. This versatile beeswax can be used for not only candles, but cosmetics as well. Additionally, our portfolio of essential oils will add some variety, not to mention, a pleasing scent, to your homemade candles. A little dye will bring out the exact color you want for your New Year’s candle.

As candles get messy with melting wax, we also offer glass jar candle holders. For the ease of your DIY candle-making, they come complete with a wick. But perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to be more creative, or to recycle more, in which case you could use any glass jars or glass bottles that happen to be lying around the house. Put a candle in it, and make it shine!

It’s not too late to light a New Year’s candle, no matter where you are from. It is a powerful and symbolic tradition loved by many cultures, one that can be enjoyed by everybody. And if you are the sort who enjoys making your own candles, it is all the more fun and meaningful. Stop by All in Packaging to see what we can do to support this tradition. And have a great and creative new year! Picture source: greekboston.com, thisisfinland.com