It’s almost February 14th, which means that couples in many Western countries are hearing a lot about Valentine’s Day, and are being encouraged to purchase things like chocolates, flowers, and jewelry to mark this romantic holiday. But if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it needn’t be all about consumerism, and indeed you can even use the day to do a little good for the planet. We’re here with a project that will keep a plastic bottle or jar out of the landfill, and give you a fun activity to do with your loved one.


Because flowers (along with chocolates) are the traditional romantic holiday gift, here’s a quick primer on how to make a flower vase out of a used plastic jar or bottle. Better than just giving a vase for flowers as a gift, why not make one with your partner as a fun project to do together, one that will make you feel better about yourselves and the environment. To begin, you are going to need a plastic bottle (any size will do, but obviously a bigger one will hold more flowers), paint, scissors, a box cutter, a hot iron, and some glue. And a bit of good spirit. Let’s go!


bottlesFirst, poke through the bottom part of the bottle, about a quarter of the way up, with the sharp point of the scissors, so you can cut all the way around, removing the bottom portion. Cut again around the top side just below were the nozzle starts to taper, essentially cutting out the body of the bottle. Cut the nozzle off using the box cutter, minding your fingers. Then warm the top (the tapered part) and bottom parts with a hot iron, so they are slightly melted. Stick them together and hold in place until the plastic hardens again. Insert the nozzle upside down into the top portion, and glue in place. See how it’s vase shaped?  Now it’s time to decorate it with paints. Paint as you like, then set aside to dry. Once ready, fill with water and enjoy your DIY Valentine’s Day flower vase! (If you need a visual aid, search for Plastic Bottle Flower Vase on Youtube.)


Of course here at All In Packaging, we are sweet on plastic bottles of all sorts. You can find them here in our containers section of our webshop. If you have any DIY projects that utilize our containers, please let us know. Otherwise, consider this idea our Valentine to you.


Source: ssarts and crafts