New Year’s has come and gone. You know it because you have to put 2018 on your letter headers, and perhaps because you need to recover from the holiday and New Year’s celebration season. The tale of holiday gift-giving, family gathering, and late-night revelling stress is written on your face. Why not begin this year with a little self-repair in the form of a DIY face mask? They are easy to make, are proven , and will start the year of right for those who want to look their best.

Beautiful girl with applied clay mask at white background

While face masks utilize all sorts of ingredients, evening primrose oil is one of those substances that is scientifically proven to moisturize and soothe tired, stressed skin. Beyond face masks, it is also used to treat skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Some people use evening primrose oil all by itself, rubbing it directly into the skin before turning in to bed at night. But it is just as easily applied in a mask, and retains all its curative properties.

Via health and beauty site Plain and Pure Cosmetics, we’ll walk you through a super easy evening primrose facemask recipe. First, take half an over-ripe banana, and in a bowl, mix it with a tablespoon of honey. Resist eating the results! Add a quarter teaspoon of ground coffee, before adding a whole teaspoon of evening primrose oil. Mix the ingredients together thoroughly, ideally in a blender. Once ready, apply the concoction to the face and leave untouched for thirty minutes, after which it should be washed off using warm water.

In addition to face masks, the oil’s curative properties make it ideal in face and hand creams, not to mention use in air-freshening room diffusers and candles, due to its pleasing scent. Evening primrose oil is versatile as well as healthy.
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Picture source: Envato Elements