heartDue to the uptick in consumer spending for the February 14 holiday, lots of companies put special labels on their Valentine’s Day-appropriate products in order to stand out. Some will go so far as to create limited editions of their products to capture the consumer’s attention, but in many cases, a Valentine’s Day label will be enough to nudge the buyer into making a purchase. Valentine’s Day labeling is ideal for DIY products as well, whether you sell them over the internet or just give them as gifts. We’re thinking of goods like bath salts, massage oil, body lotion, and scented candles. You know, the romantic stuff.


But sometimes it also pays to think outside the box. Lots of products that we might not always associate with Valentine’s Day also issue special labels and packaging around the holiday. Candies like M&M’s, for instance, release special Valentines’ Day Strawberry Shortcake candies in pink packaging. Apples come in heart-shaped boxes in hopes of attracting healthier romantics. We even spotted measuring rulers with special heart decorated labels, because, why not? The list goes on: lunch boxes, bottles of wine, vegan soaps, and even pizzas are repackaged for the Valentine’s Day crowd.

Gift box with tag in form of heart on blue table


We are here to tell you that limited edition Valentine’s Day labels are a hit, because they are easy to make, easily identifiable, and may save the buyer the work of wrapping the gift. Here at All In Packaging, we are fully equipped to handle your limited edition labeling needs, be it for Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. This makes us a one-stop source for so many aspects of cosmetics manufacturing. This includes expert label design (don’t delay if you want us to help with Valentine’s Day label design!) and printing as well. Our label design team will consult with you on the perfect romantic look, and once that is agreed upon, we can handle the printing of the labels or other packaging decorations as well, using the most common printing methods: silk-screen printing, UV printing, and tampo printing.


At All In Packaging, we want you to have the most attractive, alluring Valentine’s Day label and packaging possible. Just get in touch with one of our sales representatives to let them guide you through the process. And if you need any containers, we can help you there too. Otherwise, enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

Picture Source: Envato Elements