As we detailed in an earlier post, at All In Packaging we can help you in many aspects of labeling and packaging for Valentine’s Day, and can even offer some fun DIY projects to do with your loved one. But where we have always shined is with containers, which are the mainstay of any packaging business. So along with the other fun stuff, we want to direct your attention to one of our most Valentine’s Day-friendly containers: the 50 ml Perfume Glass Bottle.


Because Valentine’s Day means romance, lots of perfume and cologne will be exchanged as gifts. It’s just a classy, personal gift to give a loved one. We have found that the 50 ml Perfume Glass Bottle is the right container for perfumes and colognes for for so many reasons. Let’s look at a few.

Foremost, the container is custom-made for dispensing perfumes. The set it comes in includes a fine mist sprayer, making the scent easy and non-messy to use, and the glass of the bottle is the right material to give the luxurious feeling that expensive perfume needs. The black cap and square shape make it appropriate for both women’s perfume and cologne for men.  Moreover, because perfume is a delicate substance, the material it is stored in is important. Glass, unlike some plastics, won’t impart any substances into the perfume, which may corrupt its smell.

perfumesAnother important feature is the rectangular shape. The bottle will rest securely on a bathroom sink or on a vanity shelf. Its black and transparent glass will look elegant in any home or on any store counter. Additionally, the broad, flat surface of the jar provides ample space for a label or other branding, while at the same time allowing the attractive natural color of the perfume or cologne to also work as a selling point.

Available in large and small quantities, at great prices, have a look at our 50 ml glass perfume bottle. And if you need help with label design or printing, just let us know, because we can support you there as well. Feel free to browse around our other perfume and scent-friendly containers, and if you don’t see what you need, just ask. Our representatives await your call.