Winter, particularly the weeks around the holidays and new year, means celebrations with close friends and family. Because we live in a globalized economy, people often find themselves living far from their parents and children. This means that winter is also a time when travel becomes part of the tradition, be it by plane, train, or automobile. Smart travelers are always on the lookout for ways to economize in their packing. We are here to help, with an easy solution for those who travel with cosmetics and body care products.tmp_VUoShY

To respond to the need for an organized packing system for travelers, and those who manufacture cosmetics and body care products, we offer a cosmetics travel set. Our travel set comes with an attractively designed case (who can resist those owls!), a mini-jar, and three 100 ml bottles. This makes it a convenient transport system for personal products such as shampoos, conditioners, face creams, face masks, moisturizers, or body lotions.packagings

Moreover, the bottles are made of sturdy plastic that holds up well for travel, and can be re-used when the product runs out. The mini jar is ideal because it can be removed from the case and carried around by the end-user for the day, then returned to the set for travel. The pouch, with a convenient easy-to-use zipper, fits perfectly in a suitcase, and can be easily placed on a bathroom sink or hung from a hook. And if the user decides to throw the empty bottles out, well, the travel pouch is still functional and ideal for use with many other bathroom items people travel with.

Such a travel set is ideal for DIY cosmetics makers and small scale entrepreneurs, as it allows you to bundle multiple products into one package. A set of your cosmetics or body care products will make an ideal personal gift or addition to a gift basket, allowing customers to sample a range of your products as opposed to just one.
A good place to find the travel set would be the All In Packaging webshop. Stop by and browse around a little, as we offer so much more than just travel sets for your container and packaging needs. Our representatives are waiting for your call. And, happy travels for 2018!