The modern consumer is always looking for inventive new ways to reduce waste. Sometimes it involves buying in bulk, and sometimes it involves repurposing used goods, like plastics, into something new and useful, something that will keep the packaging out of the seas and landfills. We support this pursuit, and are here with a creative idea for the new year for using spare bottle caps. Read on to discover how you can turn all those saved up bottle caps into an elegant, luminous lampshade in under an hour! All you need are bottle caps, glue, a piece of wood, a saw, and a socket with a cord.


First, you are going to need a lot of bottle caps. About 180 to be exact. If you don’t have them, pester friends to save theirs, and make it a group project, collect them from neighbors, or just save them until you have enough. Once collected (note that this works not just with regular bottle caps, but with mini bottle caps as well), with a glue gun, or with quick drying glue, glue  six caps side by side, in a row. Continue until you have six rows of six, then glue those together, making a six-by-six grid. Make five of these parts, which will make up the sides and top of the shade.  104943

To assemble the pieces you just made, place one sheet of caps rightside up, and apply a layer of glue to the outer caps, then simply glue the other pieces into place until you have the side of a cube, with top and bottom sides missing. Now it’s time to get out the saw and cut a wooden base the size of the missing side. On it, place a socket that is connected to a chord and plug. Glue the socket into place on the wooden base, then screw in an energy saving light bulb. Put the remaining sheet of bottle caps on top (no need to glue, as you will have to replace the bulb in time), then turn on. Who knew disposable bottle caps could create a thing of beauty? If you need a visual guide to watch along with these instructions, have a look at the video How To Make A Plastic Bottle Caps Lamp uploaded by DIYwas on Youtube.

Here at All In Packaging, we support DIY recycling projects. It is important, because we are a source of bottle caps and mini bottle caps, all available at our webshop, and we want to do our part to reduce waste. If you have any other great ideas to repurpose plastics and packaging, please let us know. Otherwise, enjoy your DIY bottle cap lampshade.