There is no better time to reassess, recharge, rebirth, and rebrand than the new year. New year beginnings were made for a fresh start. With that in mind, if you have a small DIY brand selling things like cosmetics, body care products, or beauty products, or really any DIY product that comes in packaging, have you considered rebranding your product in this new year? There are lots of reasons why you should. We are here with just a few.


Foremost, rebranding will give your product a fresh look. It’s important that you change with the times, and offer something that shows you are keeping consumers’ preferences in mind. While a vintage look may have been in last year, a sleek, elegant design may be what’s vogue this year. Perhaps a new label is in order, along with new containers.


Rebranding may also draw the attention of new customers. Sometimes, if your branding is creative enough, your rebranding will attract consumers who may have passed you by, or not previously noticed you. With the power of social media, loyal customers will share posts or pin pictures about your new design, breathing life into stagnant sales.


Luckily, because we are a one-stop shop for your packaging needs, you can accomplish all this at All In Packaging. That’s right: in addition to quality packaging, we offer,  label design as well as label printing to help with rebranding. As a hybrid supplier, we are dedicated to assisting small and large manufacturers alike at every step of the packaging process. So if your rebranding efforts will involve the printing of adhesive labels or printing directly onto the packaging, we can assist. We are able to accomplish printing with all sort of methods. If your branded product is best served by label printing, silkscreen printing, or even by tampo printing, we offer services that will be able to help you in all those endeavours.

In short, rebranding has never been so easy, or so important. Why not take advantage of our label design, and label printing services? And check back with us, because we are always adding new services, like offering cosmetics ingredients. As always, we are here with sales representatives at the ready to answer any questions you may have about your packaging needs. Just stop by our All In Packaging site and see what we can do for you.