In our quest to bring DIY, and manufacturers of all sizes, raw ingredients for cosmetics, skin, body care, and beauty products, we have discovered that people are increasingly turning to argan oil as an ingredient. This is not surprising, as argan oil has so much to offer with its natural curative properties. Read on to learn about why argan oil may be that natural, curative substance that is just right for you and your products.

argan oil

Foremost, argan oil is all natural. It is derived from a kernel (or nut) inside a fruit that is commonly found in hot, arid climates, like that of Morocco, the largest producer for argan oil. Historically, the peoples of these countries used the soothing oil to treat rashes and bug bites (it’s also edible). But the oil has also been discovered to be hugely popular in skin moisturizers and hair treatments. This is because it is loaded with vitamins A and E, both of which nourish skin and hair as the oil hydrates.

Moreover, argan oil is ladon with antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids, the substances that help calm inflamed skin. This means that in addition to serving as a salve for bites and irritations, argan oil can be used to treat acne, as well as working as an effective exfoliant. There are home remedies through the ages that attest to argan oil’s effectiveness in these capacities.  

argan oilKnow what else is great about argan oil? It needn’t be applied in doses of more than a few drops to be effective. This makes it an ideal ingredient, as you will get all the benefits of argan oil when it is added to simple, inexpensive moisturizing creams and hair treatments. Some health care experts even recommend using argan oil on its own in small doses. This is one reason why so many DIY makers of skin and hair care products prize argan oil, despite its price.

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