Paper bags were first introduced in the year 1852, and since then these bags have become highly popular. Plastic bags are said to be a big competitor of the paper bag because plastic is usually inexpensive and available in different shapes and sizes. Paper bags were first a bit uncommon and not much preferred, but lately they have become a popular choice for store-bought food items. This is due to their increased durability and also their eco-friendly characteristics.

There are many advantages of paper bags which make them an exciting packaging material. Paper is said to be quite flexible and very durable. These bags usually have a box shaped design, which helps these bags to stand upright. This design also helps these bags to hold a number of goods all at once.


Paper bags are very safe, when compared to plastic bags. Plastic is often toxic and not good for storing or transporting food products. Plastic bags are highly risky for kids. Children might suffocate, if they accidently place a plastic bag over their head. There is no such risk associated with paper bags.

Status Symbol:

Paper bags are now a symbol of status and fashion. These days, some of the top fashion brands prefer the use paper bags to package their products. It is a way to advertise the brand of the company. Brands spend a lot of effort and time in designing attractive paper bags for their numerous products. Paper bags also have a great retention value and are often used as a way of promotion.


Paper bags are eco-friendly and are safe for the environment. These bags can be easily disposed of and are not harmful to the environment. They are made using a natural renewable resource, and can be re-used a number of times. They can also be remade in new paper. Paper bags also require much less energy for recycling, unlike plastic. Paper bags are degradable and are in no way a threat to the environment or wild-life.

Add Professional Appeal:

Brands prefer to use high quality paper bags for packaging their tea, snacks, cookies, spices, candies, and nuts. They add an attractive professional appeal which is well loved by consumers. Buyers love the appeal of these fashionable paper bags. It is also possible to add custom branding to paper bags. This helps in promoting your business as well. There is a great professional appeal and wonderful aesthetic appeal, which helps in impressing and also delighting customers.

Easy To Carry and Handle

Paper bags are lightweight and easy to handle. They are not heavy as they do not have any significant weight of their own. Thus, paper bags are often preferred as a packaging material, especially when they are used for packing products.

If you are looking for a cost effective packing material that is lightweight and easy to carry, such paper bags will be of great use. You can use these bags for a number of purposes.