Plastic and Glass — both are quite popular as a material for packaging. There is a lot of debate over the use of plastic or glass as the preferred medium of packaging. Both of these materials have a set of advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for use in packaging. You can use plastic or glass packaging, as per your needs and preference.

What is your choice when considering glass or plastic packaging? Here are some considerations.

grapefruit_simaGlass Packaging:

Glass has been a popular material of packaging for ages. It has been used for decades and continues to enjoy supreme popularity among the masses. It is the preferred choice when considering packaging for cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical products. Glass is often preferred in the food packaging industry because it is one of the safest packaging materials and helps in protecting the health and fitness of the experts. It helps in keeping food fresh and healthy. It does not pass on harmful chemicals or odours to the product which is packaged. Thus, food stays fresh and healthy for a longer period, when packaged in glass. However, there are a few disadvantages of using glass as a packaging material, which led to the popularity of plastic and other packaging materials.

Here are some disadvantages of using glass as a medium of packaging:

  • Glass is heavier than plastic. This implies it has a greater environmental impact. It is also heavier for the end consumer, who has to carry home the glass packaging after purchasing the product from the store.
  • Glass is also fragile and not as durable as plastic. It smashes, breaks and cracks much more quickly than plastic. If you knock of a glass canister accidently, it will break easily. This is one of the main reasons why a section of people prefer to stay away from glass and opt for plastic packages.
  • Glass is also inconvenient for users. It is slippery, heavy, and needs a lot of care while handling.
  • It is also unsafe since it breaks easily. Broken glass can cut skin, which can be fatal if not taken care of in time.

Though glass is a popular packaging material, it has several disadvantages, as mentioned above. Due to these disadvantages, plastic became quite a popular medium of packaging. Plastic canisters, containers, bottles, and trays are used in different industries.

Here are some of the main advantages of plastic, which have helped it to become a popular medium of packaging. 104785

  • Plastic is lightweight. It has little weight of its own. This means it is easier to carry plastic containers, boxes, and bottles. It also means that there is little packaging cost for plastic products.
  • Plastic is also durable. It does not break or crack easily like glass. Thus, when you make an investment in plastic containers, canisters or other products, you are assured of getting true value for your money.
  • Plastic is cost effective. It is cheaper than glass packaging. Thus, if a tight budget is your concern, you can choose plastic products.

However, foremost it is important to understand your packaging requirements and then make a selection as per your needs. Plastic and glass are both wonderful mediums of packaging, each having their own set of advantages and disadvantages.