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The Benefits of the 50 ml Aluminum Jar

In an earlier post we learned how great bath salts are in the winter, and just how easy they are to make. Finding the right container and packaging for your DIY bath salts and other homemade cosmetics and bath products should be just as easy. That’s why we are detailing all the benefits of our [...]

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Top Packaging Trends To Impact Global Packaging Industry in 2018

As the New Year begins, we are looking forward to some of the latest packaging trends! Packaging trends keep changing every year, as per consumer preferences, necessities, and demands. Each year, thousands are spent on designing product packages with the most attractive graphic designs, styles, and improved functionality. A lot depends on purchasing behaviour, consumer [...]

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What’s Behind the Pink Clay Craze?

Every now and again a cosmetics ingredient comes along that captures the buying public’s imagination, creating something of a craze. Right now, pink clay is having its moment in the sun. But why? And what makes pink clay so attractive to face and body care products manufacturers, and to consumers? Read on to discover what [...]

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Starting a Cosmetics Line Has Never Been Easier

You read that headline right. When people think of companies that manufacture goods like cosmetics, they often imagine complicated operations with labs, administrative infrastructure, and other things that are intimidating at first blush. But the reality is that starting a small scale DIY cosmetics line has never been easier, and can be done on little [...]

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Best Labelling Services For New and Old Customers

Are you planning on expanding your business? Whether it is a new business or you are catering to old customers, labelling services make a difference. Labelling is an important part of packaging and helps businesses to flourish and prosper in the long run. Why should you select the best labelling services for your old and [...]

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Benefits of Using Reusable Plastic Bottles

Reusable plastic bottles have several uses beyond their main purpose. When you choose to buy these bottles, you are not only selecting affordable packaging, you are also doing your best for the environment. There are many benefits of reusing plastic bottles–some of which are mentioned below. These Bottles Are The Best For The Environment: A [...]

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Benefits of Using Foam Pump Dispensers

Foam pump dispensers are commonly used in different industries. These dispensers have a wide number of uses and typically offer a number of benefits for their users. To understand the main benefits of foam pump dispensers, you need to understand what a foam pump is and how it helps. The device is actually a type [...]

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DIY Phone Charging Rack from a Shampoo Bottle

Every now and again an idea comes along that both serves a real function as well as helps preserve the environment. When that idea is to take otherwise useless empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, and re-purpose (or “up-purpose”, as people are saying now) them into attractive home decor items and accessories, then we, as a [...]

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The Benefits of the 30 ml Dosing Spoon

Here at All in Packaging, we are building up our assortment of equipment for home cosmetics labs. This is because we recognize the value of DIY and boutique cosmetics makers and aim to support their aspirations with as many items and services as possible. With that in mind, we are here with a look at [...]

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Tips for DIY Soapmakers

With the DIY revolution underway, home manufacturers of all sorts of products, from face creams to insect repellants, are sharing information on the Web to help others get involved with a more natural type of consumerism. It has never been so easy to find recipes, and research methods for creating your own products, be they [...]

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