There is no question that veganism is moving from being a fringe culture to closer to the mainstream. Many high-end restaurants and even pubs will offer a vegan option or two. For some people, this way of life goes far beyond just eating, but expands into the clothing they wear and the products they use. With that in mind, more and more DIY cosmetics makers and small-scale entrepreneurs are creating products to satisfy the desires of consumers who want their cosmetics and body care products, as well as the food on their plate, to be vegan.


According to Cosmetics Design Europe, the vegan cosmetics market is expected to grow 6 percent in this coming year. This is due not just to an increased interest in living a vegan lifestyle, but also due to the increased availability of products for vegans. Because many cosmetics do utilize animal products in their ingredients, particularly animal fat and beeswax, cosmetics makers who hope to capitalize on the vegan trend have had to find substitutions for such ingredients. For instance, there is a whole industry of creating wax from fruit to avoid the use of beeswax.


One such ingredient that vegan cosmetics makers regularly rely on is shea butter, which is used in vegan products like soap, lotions, lip balms, and body creams. How can a butter be vegan? you may ask. Shea butter comes from a nut from the shea tree, which is most commonly found in northern part of the African continent. Shea butter so easily stands in for animal fat because it is a fat itself. Prized for its curative qualities and rich luxurious feel, vegan cosmetics makers have discovered a versatile and cruelty free ingredient in shea butter.

The good news is that so many ingredients for DIY cosmetics are already vegan. Things like oils and essential oils, be they olive oil,  lavender, jojoba oil, or peppermint oil are all natural plant-based substances. And the even better news is that so many of these ingredients are readily available over the Internet at places like All In Packaging. We have shea butter, we have essential oils, and other oils like coconut and castor oil. And if you need quality containers for your vegan products, from jars to glass bottles and vials, we can help you there too. Moreover, you can find any number of ideas to repurpose old containers on this blog.