Vegan products are on the rise, which is a topic we covered in an earlier post. Cosmetics and body care products makers are scrambling to fill this new market with vegan-friendly products. This is because, no matter what your lifestyle, veganism is quickly becoming mainstream. That said, until very recently, many vegans had to create their own products if they wanted them free of animal-based ingredients. Due to this, the vegan movement often goes hand in hand with the DIY movement. And vegan cosmetics makers have been very inventive in creating their vegan versions of traditional products. Below, we are going to have a look at how to make one of these vegan products: vegan soap.


Because animal fat is a traditional ingredient in soap, vegans have had to find a good alternative, which they did in shea butter, which is the product of an African nut. This recipe, however, will use other vegan friendly components like coconut and palm oil. You are going to need 16 ounces each of coconut and palm oil. You will also need 13.5 ounces of olive oil, and 6.5 ounces of lye. Heat them all to 95 to a hundred degrees (use your All In Packaging  thermometer) then mix these together with 16 ounces of distilled water in a large bowl.


Once properly heated, you can add natural scents (or leave unscented). Good ideas for scents come from essential oils, like lavender, almond and primrose oils. Pour the final concoction into soap molds of your choosing. It will take 18 – 24 hours for them to set. Once that has happened, you will need to allow the soap to ‘cure’ for three to four weeks. In other words, making DIY vegan soap may be easy, but it is by no means instant.


There is a world of possibility in vegan soap-making. Has anybody perfected a liquid vegan soap for instance? A great soft soap?  If so, we have some foam pump dispensers we want them to meet. And all so many of the DIY soap-making ingredients are available at our webshop, from the shea butter to the coconut oil. If you need labels for your products, we can help you there as well. And if you have idea for DIY vegan cosmetics products, please let us know. Until then, happy soap-making.

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