Here at All in Packaging, we are building up our assortment of equipment for home cosmetics labs. This is because we recognize the value of DIY and boutique cosmetics makers and aim to support their aspirations with as many items and services as possible. With that in mind, we are here with a look at our 30 ml dosage spoon, which may be an essential addition to any DIY cosmetics home lab.


Why do you need a dosing spoon? If you are at all experienced in cooking, you know how important measuring spoons are. A dosing or measuring spoon allows you to handle the ingredient while measuring it at the same time. Any DIY cosmetics maker or experienced baker will tell you that one of the biggest reasons their products don’t come out right is due to imprecise measurement. This is where exact measuring instruments come in.


Our 30 ml dosing spoon is a precision instrument. Thirty ml is an ideal size for when you need to add a larger amount of an ingredient to your mixture. As a product, it was made with quality in mind. This means it is fashioned of long-lasting PP (polypropene) plastic. PP is one of the most versatile of the plastics. The packaging industry prizes it for its durability and ease of use. Like most pp plastic, which is normally opaque, our 30 ml dosing spoon is a natural color and will fit in with any home lab.


Moreover, the dosing spoon is safe for use with household chemicals like bleach and insecticide. It can be used for pharmaceuticals as well when an exact amount of powder needs to be measured. Bodybuilders may find a lot to love in it when measuring protein whey and other body-building supplements.

The 30 ml dosing spoon is available at All In Packaging in small to large quantities, at our low price. To further perfect your lab, have a look at some of our other equipment, including our thermometer, cooking cup, lipstick mould, and 2 ml syringe. We are widening our cosmetics accessory portfolio all the time, so if there is something you need that we don’t carry, please let us know. Until then, consider our 30 ml dosing spoon for your cosmetics making needs. Another quality product for your home lab from All In Packaging.