There is no question that even if you are a home DIY cosmetics maker, you need to live up to a certain level of professionalism and expertise in order to get the products you so desire out of your home laboratory. Items need to be made to a professional standard, not just for safety sake, but also for them to work properly. With that in mind, we offer a good number of tools and equipment for your home or small-scale lab. One of our essential items, good for professionals and home tinkerers alike, is our laboratory thermometer. Read on to discover why your home cosmetics lab isn’t complete without one.

SAPCODE_105016_2_vIf there is one thing that home cosmetics and beauty-care product makers know, it is that the devil is in the details. Altering recipes, and changing cooking durations can have huge effects on the end results. This is why precision is so important. If you need to heat your concoction to 125 degrees, then it is essential that exact number is not overlooked. A laboratory thermometer for home use takes the guesswork out. It is a professional grade tool that is used and loved by home manufacturers as well.

From melting ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter and heating them with other ingredients, you can be confident your mixture won’t rise to burning level by using a laboratory thermometer. With such an exacting instrument, you will be able to maintain control over the temperature with precision.

thermometerOur 25 cm, glass thermometer has many advantages of its own. Foremost, glass makes it hyper-sensitive to temperature, assuring you of an exact measurement. Moreover, that it’s made of glass makes it easy to clean. And the length is just right for home use, when making products in small batches.

Keep in mind that we are expanding our sortment of equipment for home cosmetics makers all the time. The thermometer is just one of the many lab quality items we offer. From cooking cups to lipstick moulds, we are hoping to support you with all your home lab endeavours. Have a look at our cosmetics accessories, and if you see something you think we should add to our portfolio, please let us know. Your feedback is appreciated.