Every now and again an idea comes along that both serves a real function as well as helps preserve the environment. When that idea is to take otherwise useless empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, and re-purpose (or “up-purpose”, as people are saying now) them into attractive home decor items and accessories, then we, as a provider of quality plastic containers, are all for it. Today we are here with another useful project to pass along: transforming an empty shampoo or conditioner bottle into a holding rack for your charging phone. Read on to see how it’s done.


First, you will of course need a plastic bottle. Make sure it is cleaned of residual shampoo, conditioner, or body lotion and dried thoroughly. A 24 fluid ounce bottle is ideal for our purposes. You will also need some scissors, decorative paper, craft glue, and a cutting tool and mat. First, you want to cut out half — but only half, don’t cut through — of the bottle with your cutter. Next, cut around the label on the back. The rear label will give it the ideal shape to transform it into a holder for your phone. So, your holder should retain most of the bottle’s bottom, with a rising back, like the back of a chair, that the phone can rest against. See how it already looks like a phone holder?

Young woman using a smartphone as it is being charged

Next, place your phone’s charger on top of the holder and trace around it with a pencil. Then, using your cutting tool, cut around the outline to create the hole for the charger. Now it’s time to cover the formed rack with decorative paper. Cut out the paper in the proper shape to totally cover the rack, then glue it into place. Be sure to cut the paper from the charger hole as well! Put aside and let dry. And then, there you have it: a phone charging rack from a shampoo bottle that will be the envy of your friends, while helping to keep a bottle out of the landfill. For a visual representation of the process of making the holder, have a look at the Youtube DIY Charger Holder Rack video uploaded by gurl.com.


Of course we at All In Packaging are no strangers to shampoo bottles and other great packaging. If you have other ideas about how to repurpose, or up-purpose any of our packaging, please let us know. Until then, enjoy your phone rack.

Picture Source: Envato Elements