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If you have opened up a lifestyle magazine or been to an upscale home or body-care goods store lately, you have probably seen that funny little unpronounceable word ‘hygge’. That’s because the Danish word, which denotes a way of living that makes the most of the small, simple pleasures of life, has become a lifestyle mega-trend that is currently sweeping the Western world. But what exactly does hygge mean, and how does one hygge? Read on for a few helpful tips on incorporating hygge into your lifestyle and how you can benefit from knowing about it as a DIY cosmetics or bath and home products producer.

Pronounced ‘hue-guh’, hygge means appreciating life’s simple moments, and cherishing the small pleasures. A walk in the park can be hygge, as can an evening warm bath. Cozy slippers, a candle, a massage: all hygge! It’s a kind of mindfulness of simplicity, and the loveliness therein. Hygge is particularly relevant in the winter, when cold and blustery weather gets people down.

Winter is also full of hygge things. It is the ideal time to light a candle or have a bath. DIY candlemakers and bath-salt makers thrive at hygge, and they might not even know it. A DIY candle, which requires few ingredients like beeswax and essential oils for a pleasant scent, is known to have a calming effect. And because such candles are handmade, not bought, there is added hygge value.


Hygge is for everybody, not just affluent consumers. Homemade bath products, like bubble bath, bath salts, body scrubs and face masks, with ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil, and lavender, can boost mood and relieve aching muscles and fatigued skin. An aromatherapy candle placed next to a warm bath, with a cozy bathrobe to slip into afterwards: that’s about as hygge as you can get.

Hygge isn’t about consumerism and spending money, but you will need ingredients for your DIY home and bodycare goods. We are on-hand there with cosmetics ingredients that includes essential oils, and also have you covered for candle-making materials like beeswax plus candle holders complete with wicks. So when you need a dose of mindfulness, a dose of self-care, a dose of hygge, stop on by the All In Packaging and see how we can assist. Otherwise, keep it cozy.

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