You read that headline right. When people think of companies that manufacture goods like cosmetics, they often imagine complicated operations with labs, administrative infrastructure, and other things that are intimidating at first blush. But the reality is that starting a small scale DIY cosmetics line has never been easier, and can be done on little capital. If that is something you are interested in accomplishing, we are here with some tips to help you on the way.


First, identify a problem customers may have that your product can solve. This differentiates you from the competition and gives the consumer a reason to buy or sample your product. Most cosmetics goods can be made in a home lab. You won’t need a lot of complicated, expensive equipment, just the basics to make your product. Importantly, you don’t need a lot of capital to realize your dreams. The first steps should be taken as inexpensively as possible.


Next, make a prototype, then get it in front of people. Test your product by giving out free samples. You can team up with various outlets to give samples of your cosmetics as a promotion. Or find an established company or organization who is already selling to this customer base who wouldn’t be a competitor, and look for a way to cross promote. Offer free makeovers, if that makes sense for your product.


The advantage of starting with a single cosmetics product is that it is something that the customer will run out of, and thus need more. If they liked your product, you can be assured of a sale. Repeat customers will also recommend your product to friends. Word of mouth is, of course, the best marketing. The more samples you get out there, the more likely people will talk about your product.  


It has never been so easy and inexpensive to establish your brand, when there are suppliers like All In Packaging that can help you in almost every step of the way, from online recipes to raw cosmetics ingredients; from labeling design and printing, to providing quality containers for your product. Just poke around our site, and see all we have to offer, and if there is something we can do better at, please let us know.