As we wrote about in a recent post, a great way to get your DIY product or new cosmetics product into the hands of potential customers is through giving out free samples to the appropriate customer base. To further assist in this endeavour, we are here with an ideal jar to use for samples of your product. We are talking about the transparent set jar, the smallest size we sell, which is just right for balms, lip glosses, and samples of body and face creams. Read on to learn some more about its many advantages.


Foremost, the jar is the right size for a sample. With a capacity of 3 ml, it holds enough for a few uses, and is just the right size to carry around in one’s pocket, travel pouch, or to put in a gift basket. The size makes it portable, convenient, and easy to use, though it is not so small that you can’t also brand it with your label. Made of plastic, it is a durable, affordable container for your samples.

Next, the jar is transparent. This is important if your cosmetics product is something like a colorful lip gloss, so the consumer can see the product’s natural qualities through the packaging. It lets your product be its own best advertisement. Moreover, the end user won’t have to open it to determine how much is left, and will be able to be prepared to make a purchase once they see the cosmetics product is running low.


Giving samples in these jars will allow your customer base an opportunity to try your product and discover the wonders therein, and moreover it will allow you to get feedback that you can use to help perfect your product or modify it to better suit your customer base’s needs and preferences.

átlátszó tégely_simaFinally, a portable free sample supplied in our transparent 3 ml jar will give your product much needed visibility. If the product is out in the world, attractively labeled, and being used and enjoyed, you will gain both exposure and new customers.

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