Every now and again a cosmetics ingredient comes along that captures the buying public’s imagination, creating something of a craze. Right now, pink clay is having its moment in the sun. But why? And what makes pink clay so attractive to face and body care products manufacturers, and to consumers? Read on to discover what is behind the pink clay craze, and learn how you can use pink clay in your DIY line to capture new customers.


Pink clay is prized as an ingredient because it is good for nourishing dry and delicate skin. Due to this, it is said to have extraordinary anti-aging properties. Wrinkled, dry skin drink in the beneficial properties of pink clay. This makes it wonderful for things like face masks and body scrubs. Some manufacturers have used these properties to create an aura of desirability around pink clay, offering limited editions of products that there are waiting lists to purchase. You know if you have people lining up to buy your product, you are onto something.


Moreover, pink clay is simple to use. To make a healthful pink clay mask or pack just mix floral water with the clay in a glass or porcelain bowl. You will want to proportion it to your preference. The more clay you have, of course,  the stronger properties of your mask will be. Over the top of your paste, pour distilled water until it is submerged under 2cm. This will keep the clay concoction moist for storage. Simply apply the mixture as a face pack (leaving on for no more than 20 minutes). As a body care product, cover the desired body skin and leave until the clay is thoroughly dry. The clay will easily come off in a warm shower. Follow up the procedure with body care oil or moisturizer. If any clay is left over after use, it will stay fresh in a screw-top glass jar for up to two weeks.

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Source: purenature.co.nz