As the New Year begins, we are looking forward to some of the latest packaging trends! Packaging trends keep changing every year, as per consumer preferences, necessities, and demands. Each year, thousands are spent on designing product packages with the most attractive graphic designs, styles, and improved functionality. A lot depends on purchasing behaviour, consumer buying trends, and the value or usefulness of the packages.

So, what are the exciting package designs that consumers can expect in the New Year?


Inspired By Nature

Unusual packaging designs and shapes that are influenced by nature are expected to be back this year. These unusual shapes and packaging designs are attractive and draw the attention of the users. These packages are expected to be widely popular when used in different industries. These unusual packaging shapes and designs that offer a glimpse into the natural world are best described as ‘natural’ and ‘fresh’ packaging options. Many of these designs are usually regarding boxes, which have a skin similar to fruit or vegetables, adding a natural charm and appeal.


Minimal Packagingtegely_sima

2018 is going to be the year of minimal packaging. In the past few years, it has been observed that buyers look forward to minimum designs. These designs are popular since they are simple and usually relate to different types of packages. The designs have easy and broad strokes, with minimal, easy use of colours. These packages use an engaging font that complements the minimal design. Such a design is well accepted by all.


Vintage Design Packages

Yes, old fashion aesthetics will be back with a bang this year. This kind of design will be ideal for all those brands that try to reach out to those customers with their old-school approach. Such kinds of brands experience huge demand in spite of their vintage classic look. Such packages often bring a feeling of nostalgia, which is expected to increase the popularity of such type of packages with a specific audience.


Hand Drawn Packages

Wouldn’t you love a unique package with hand drawn graphics? We all know how talented graphic artists are. Their hand-drawn work looks perfectly attractive and unique. Many of these designs can actually be customized as per the customer’s preferences. There are several companies which love to use hand drawn packages for packing their corporate gifts. These kinds of packages are known to appeal to almost all buyers. These designs are trending back with their cheery and authentic designs.


Feminine Stylecsepp_sima

It is not just about women – elegant and tranquil pastel colors are no longer just for women. Feminine themed packaging is now increasingly used in packing different types of products. Recently a very popular brand introduced nude colour ice cream packages, which was well appreciated by consumers. Women always prefer soft and soothing designs, which offer a great form of visual relief. Explosive fonts and dark colours are not trending in 2018. Buyers seek comfortable designs and feminine styles.


Photography in Packaging:

If photography is used in packaging, it helps in the sale of some of the most prominent photogenic products. It also helps brands to sell various kinds of personal connections, by linking an item, a place, a face or another item with a specific identity of the brand.


Keep an eye out for these different packaging trends in 2018. Things are definitely going to change for the better!