In an earlier post we learned how great bath salts are in the winter, and just how easy they are to make. Finding the right container and packaging for your DIY bath salts and other homemade cosmetics and bath products should be just as easy. That’s why we are detailing all the benefits of our 50 ml aluminum jar, which is an ideal choice to store and/or sell homemade bath salts in. Continue reading to find out why.


Foremost, a 50 ml jar is the ideal size for bath and body care products. It’s not so large so as to be considered ‘bulk’ but not so small that the end user will have to continually run out for more. It is a perfect size for a gift in a Christmas stocking or gift basket. Moreover, it can be carried easily when travelling, and stored in a travel pouch, purse, or day bag. And, if you are selling your products, this size is still big enough to display a visible, conspicuous label or other branding.


The jar itself is an attractive object. The aluminum has a sleek, industrial yet warm look that fits in with the simple, back-to-basics DIY aesthetic. It will look great on any bathroom sink or by the tub, where it may well be kept if it is full of bath salts. The top is easy to open, and the wide mouth makes the product easy to dispense. At the same time, it remains secure for transport, which is especially true due to the durability of aluminum. The screw-on top will keep the product inside the jar, where it belongs, while keeping harmful elements out.


Speaking of aluminum as a packaging material, it is important to note its advantages. Aluminum provides a barrier to oxygen and light, and moisture, as well as bacteria. As a packaging material it is hygienic and non-toxic. Most importantly, this means that our 50 ml aluminum jar is totally safe for DIY use! And did we mention that the 50 ml aluminum jar is currently on sale? Moreover, it can be purchased in small quantities, up to wholesale quantities. If you are producing things like bath salts, it is hard to envision a better container than this jar. And if it isn’t exactly what you want, browse around the All In Packaging webshop and see if there isn’t something else that suits your purposes. Our sales representatives await your call.