No matter what the field, it pays to work with experienced people. Such is the case when you are looking for consultation on, and execution of, labeling and packaging decoration. If the people you hire know their business, the results will be assured. We are here to share a few tips from our extensive expertise to help you make the most of your labels and packaging decorations, culled from our long history in the packaging business.


This week, we will have a look at why UV printing for labels and decoration is so advantageous. Foremost, it is important to understand what UV printing is. This kind of printing is used to print directly onto the surface of a container, using the rays of a UV light to quickly dry the ink, allowing for a high degree of accuracy and short lead times. Because the ink is solidified almost instantly, the sharp focused lines and colors of the design are preserved. That it can be printed directly onto almost any surface (except perhaps, water) gives UV printing huge versatility as a printing method.


One great advantage to the method is the UV ink itself, which when used for printing labels and decorations, is highly durable. This means it will weather transportation well, and remain vivid on the store shelf. UV printing ink is also known to experience little to no color bleed, making your labels and decorations as crisp as they can be.


Because UV printing does not use plates, that expense is saved, as well as the cost of the ink lost involved when working with plates and with methods like silk-screen printing. This also saves in labor costs, as the printing takes less human intervention. Moreover, the ink and method of UV printing allows for flexibility in color combinations. We are talking photo-realistic quality in any shade of color you can find in nature, and some you can’t.

In short, UV printing ink and the UV printing method are wonderful for accurate, vivid, durable and cost-effective printing of labels and packaging decoration. Of course we at All In Packaging offer UV printing as an option in our expert label design and printing service. Moreover, we have containers in all shapes and sizes at your fingertips. Just have a look around our webshop, and give one of our experts a call if you have any questions about UV or any other kind of label printing.