The box-in-bag is an increasingly popular way of packaging drinks like wine and fruit juices, as well as soft syrups and even some condiments. There are a variety of reasons behind this, but foremost, it allows for an easy delivery system for liquids bought in bulk. It is cost-effective, and convenient, which is a combination that is hard to beat. Producers of inexpensive wines love the bag-in-box option because it saves on the cost of more expensive glass, and ever more expensive cork. Moreover, the box appeals to all sorts of drinks producers because the surface of the box is large and flat, providing an excellent opportunity for creative labeling and branding.


The tap for box-in-bag container also has many advantages. For one thing, it is easy to use, and mess free. Because you don’t need to handle the container to pour the liquid, there is less chance of spillage, and therefore less waste and mess. The container stays in one place, so there is also less chance it will be dropped and broken, as has happened with countless bottles of wine through the ages. And if that isn’t enough, the delivery of the liquid will be speedier and more accurate through the box-in-bag tap than with traditional bottles or jugs.

Moreover, the tap for the box-in-bag is reusable. This is of utmost importance in a world where packaging waste is becoming a conspicuous global issue. This also makes it cost effective. Combine this with the savings you get from the bulk liquid purchase, and this packaging system looks very attractive indeed.


Our taps for the box-in-bag container come in four attractive colors — black, white, red, and natural — to match almost any branding or labeling on the box. These taps are ideal for whatever liquid you are serving or selling in the food industry.


Bag-in-box packaging is the wave of the future of inexpensive sales of drinks of all sorts. Our taps for the box-in-bag containers are durable, reliable, and available at cost-effective wholesale prices. If you don’t see exactly what you want, or need modifications, ask a sales representative about custom-made design. ‘Tap’ us for all your packaging and container needs. That’s what we are here for.

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