With the air warming up, the sun coming out, and the seasons changing from winter to spring, and summer not long off, concerns turn to warm weather clothing and the accompanying inconveniences of perspiration and underarm odor. That’s when sales of antiperspirants and deodorants spike. Such products, be they DIY or manufactured by a large company, aid in keeping these maladies under control. If you are a DIY maker or small-batch manufacturer of deodorant or antiperspirant, we can help you with an amazing roll on bottle or two. Read on to discover how.


Our roll on set bottles come in two styles. We have small, travel size 5 ml glass bottles with a rolling ball and black cap, and also offer a larger 50 ml blue PP plastic bottle with a matching blue plastic cap. They both have their advantages, so we will take a moment to examine each.


The small 5 ml glass roll on bottle has the advantage of being small. This means it can be used for samples of more expensive, luxurious roll on products than you will find on the average store shelf. The glass bottle with black cap gives the product an elegant look, and because it is transparent, the alluring color of your product will be showcased with this container. Moreover, the size of the glass roll on bottle makes it suitable not just for samples, but for travel-size products. It will easily fit in a pocket to be carried around for the day, as deodorants may need to be reapplied, or slipped into a purse or travel pouch without taking up too much space.


Our blue roll on bottle with cap has the advantage of being made of plastic. This means it will be lightweight as well as durable. There is very little risk the container will be damaged in transport or when stored in a suitcase for travel. Furthermore, the attractive blue color makes it ideal for male as well as female-oriented products. The size is just right for a roll on deodorant that may get heavy use in the summer months. The big ball of the applier makes the product easy to use. Moreover, such bottles are more environmentally friendly than aerosol antiperspirants. Available at cost effective wholesale prices, its an inexpensive packaging solution.


A good place to look for such roll on bottles would be the All In Packaging webshop. There you can find our glass roll on bottle, and larger blue PP plastic roll on bottle sets. If these are not exactly what you are looking for, just let us know, as we have all sorts of packaging solutions to offer, including custom made designed containers. We look forward to hearing from you.