While we typically think of branding as having to do with products and services for sale on store shelves on over the web, there is also another place where corporate branding gets showcased. This is on the free goods given within a company and beyond in the form of gifts. There are a lot of reasons to introduce corporate gifting into your promotional program, a few of which we will detail below.


Studies show that appreciation is one of the prime motivators for workers. One way to show everyday, small-scale appreciation is by giving gifts that represent the company to a valued employee, or to those you are trying to encourage. A coffee mug with the company logo or along with a bag of quality coffee with company branding will go a long way as a gesture of gratitude.


Beyond the company, corporate branded gifts also have a place. Small, and sometimes large, items are given to clients and potential customers. This serves a few purposes. For one thing, it keeps your company’s name in the recipient’s mind over the life of that product. Moreover, the recipient will identify your brand with the good qualities of gift giving: generosity and connectivity. Such giving will also offer heightened visibility to your brand, as those in contact with the recipient will also see the branding.


It’s important to note that companies need not only gift items that people directly identify with their goods or services. Porsche, for instance, doesn’t make coffee mugs, but who wouldn’t want a coffee mug with a Porsche logo on their desk?


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